Letritas is a non-profit publishing project, part of Changarrito Project, that promotes the publication of gifted poets, writers and artists that do not find possibilities of publication in the conventional publishing arenas. 


Publishing and spreading books of gifted poets, writers and artists, whose commercialization allows new publications with the domino effect. With the profit of the sale of a book, the next is published.

(Letritas del Changarrito, does not keep commissions not even profits of the sale of the books of the authors). 


1. to announce and present poets and artists, that don’t have the possibilities of publishing their work.

2. to generate an audience that appreciates the talent that Letritas decides to publish,
just like its social and cultural activity.

3. to generate an audience that collects the work published by Letritas del Changarrito.

4. To generate a reflection about the situation of Literature regarding usual or appropriate spaces through the presentation of original literary work on a mobile cart presenting directly with the author.
its typical and appropriate audience by presenting literature on contemporary a cart designed specifically for this purpose. 

5. To connect with the lover audience of Literature, with the audience of Visual Arts and this way integrate the two aspects that the cultural activity of Changarrito makes.